Tips For Choosing A Contractor

Horror stories are for Halloween, not home remodeling. We’ve all heard about budgets spiraling out of control and sites left half-finished so we thought we’d offer some tips to help make the process of choosing a remodeling contractor be less stressful.

  1. It’s never too soon to approach a contractor.
    Contractors are generally good at pricing once they know exactly what’s wanted. If you can find a contractor that offers designs and drawings, this will help you stay in your budget and prevent you from getting disappointed with unreasonable figures.
  2. Consider the scope of the project.
    What contractor will be the best fit for your project? Low price, high quality and good organization: we all want it.

    The kind of contractor suitable for a high-quality project needs to be highly organized, with project managers, a well-organized back office, and a crew that can produce high-quality.

    At the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of small projects that need attention. The local handy-man may be suitable to help and may be much cheaper, but the level of service, organization and speed may not compare.
  3. Understand the importance of a building contract.
    A solid contract for residential projects has drawings and schedules attached to the contract, so it’s clear what’s included and what’s not. The payment terms are also laid out and agreed upon in the contract. And last, contracts help determine what happens if the work is changed along the way, what happens if the project takes longer than agreed and should and outlines any type of warranty.

Our best advice is to be organized, figure out as much of what you want as you can before making the call for an initial visit. Communicate clearly on expected timetables, then give the builder the space to do what’s needed.

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