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The Design-First Approach

Discover the impact of our simple, yet highly effective, design-build approach that fosters a collaborative team dynamic from start to finish, promoting transparent communication and purpose-driven cooperation for extraordinary results. 

Macktown Construction Group stands ready to bring your dream home into reality, whether through minor cosmetic updates or a complete room renovation.

The cornerstone of Macktown’s remodeling philosophy lies in embracing a design-first methodology. This entails meticulous design and budgeting upfront, fostering a sense of confidence among our customers. Our attentive team guides clients through the entire process, offering insights and alternatives to facilitate prudent choices. By embracing the design-first process, we effectively reduce the need for expensive changes, ensuring that clients derive the utmost value from their remodeling investments.

With Macktown, discover the clarity of fixed-pricing proposals that encompass the entirety of remodeling projects. As projects conclude, clients usually find that their total costs are notably 20% – 30% less than if they’d engaged other contractors. The comprehensive Cost of Project Execution (COPE) clearly outlines the overhead and profit for each project, eradicating any concealed mark-ups on labor or materials. Through alternatives and comparisons, Macktown empowers clients to proactively oversee project costs, allowing them to make informed choices in real time. Embracing the authentic complexities of remodeling, Macktown ensures clients are well-prepared for the journey ahead.

At Macktown, ensuring client comprehension is fundamental. We lead clients through their remodeling project, fostering open dialogue about all conceivable choices. Our one-of-a-kind onboarding process provides a comprehensive and candid understanding of the remodeling process, aligned with clients’ needs and surpassing expectations. Through Macktown’s advanced Buildertrend project management software, clients benefit from daily updates, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication channels.

Empowering Your Remodeling Journey

At Macktown Construction, we empower you with comprehensive understanding and choices. Our team guides you through the process, presenting alternatives and options to facilitate informed decisions. Experience a remodeling journey marked by clarity, confidence, and exceptional results.

The Home Remodeling Experience

Phone Consult

During our conversation, we'll listen to your preferences and project goals, ask specific questions, discuss contractor preferences, and explore your intended use of the space to begin establishing a budget range. We'll also review your desired project investment and schedule a Site Visit with one of our Project Directors. While we can't provide an exact cost yet, starting the cost discussion and using online tools for preliminary estimates will guide our next steps effectively.

Site Visit

Should we determine that we're a good match, we'll arrange an obligation-free in-home consultation. This visit involves measuring dimensions for an as-built plan of your current space, capturing comprehensive photos and videos, and conducting a concise discovery session to ensure a mutual understanding of your design preferences and functional needs.

Budget & Concept Design Proposal

We translate the insights gathered during our initial meeting into action. Beginning with a preliminary design, we gradually shape an estimated investment range for your project. This phase marks the early stages of your home remodel planning, where collaboration is key. As we proceed towards signing the Design and Development Contract and subsequently the Build Contract, we'll refine this investment range and design plan together to ensure a more precise alignment with your vision and expectations.

Design & Development Begins

Upon acceptance of the Design & Development Contract and payment, Macktown Construction Group initiates detailed design work, encompassing site measurement, conceptual drawings, scope refinement, zoning compliance, material selections, thorough trade partner evaluations have been conducted for budget integration and budget evaluation. This phase ensures precise project planning. We collaboratively define design concepts, select materials, and evaluate budgets to ensure alignment with your vision and financial parameters.

Build Contract Presentation

Following collaborative efforts of the Design and Development Phase to refine the home remodeling design, confirm selections, define project start dates, timelines, payment scheduled, the Build Contract becomes the focal point. The Build Contract is signed along with a downpayment. This phase embodies the shift from strategic planning to dynamic project implementation, ensuring a cohesive and successful remodeling journey.

Construction Begins

With zoning and permit approvals in place, your project can begin. Our team of remodeling professionals will now step in to lead the way. Guiding the daily workflow, scheduling tasks, resolving queries, and updating schedules, your Project Manager is your central point of contact. Our meticulous checklist underpins each construction phase, assuring accuracy and quality. Importantly, the comprehensive decisions made during the Design Phase pave the way for a smooth construction process.

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We proudly service the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region for home renovations. Services include: kitchens, bathrooms, additions, outdoor living spaces, and basements.

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