4 Ways To Stay Organized During Home Renovations

It’s the first week of October, which means it’s finally spooky season! You know what else is the first week of October? Get Organized Week (don’t worry, we didn’t know that either)!

To recognize this week, we want to help you with your home remodel organization process. The process can often be daunting and even overwhelming, but here at Macktown we focus on a design-first remodeling approach. Our team builds confidence in you and your project. We deliver the highest quality of expert craftsmanship, and are completely transparent during our projects for clear communication from start to finish.

It all starts with the basics of organization BEFORE anyone even steps foot in your home.

  1. Make yourself a binder or folder for your project. Just like project managers do during a project, you want to be just as organized. Create a binder that will include: all estimates, meeting notes, timeline, vendor contact information, blueprints, materials chosen and their prices, receipts, permits, floor, paint, and other samples, budget breakdown, manuals, or warranties. Not only will this help with you organization, but will alleviate stress that comes with the beautiful chaos of home renovation. Staying organized is key for strong communication with your team for a smooth project. 
  2. Planning. Now you can leave the planning, sketches, blueprints, and design up to you team. But, what we cannot do is pre plan for what’s to come. For example, how will you be living in your home? If we are remodeling your kitchen, how are you planning on eating? Will your renovation result in your dining room getting dust, tools, and other materials in the way? Talk with your team about your renovation timeline and know when you will need to start making those accommodations and how long it will last. We suggest looking at recipes that can be prepped without a lot of need for counter space, stove, or oven. Perhaps start making a list of all your favorite restaurants that can deliver. Ask a friend or family to heat up any pre prepped meals that you have had stored in the freezer. 
  3. Prepping. Think about which area of the home could be affected by additional dust, debris, tools, and materials needed for your project. You ultimately will be doing an entire room prep similarly to those who go around and baby proof their home. Consider putting plastic over any furniture–especially since dust can settle in the fabric and creases–curtains, valuables, wall decor, fragile items, unnecessary clutter, items in cupboards or closets that will need to be placed elsewhere until the project is complete. We suggest getting storage bins and labeling what is in each bin. Categorize each bin in order of use and importance. Store the bins you know you won’t need. Keep the bins you know you may need in a spot that will be easy to access but out of the way.
  4. Daily routine. Think about how this renovation could potentially add extra time to your routine. Ensure you account for that additional time needed to get ready! If your bathroom is being renovated, make sure the household has a shower schedule for the other bathrooms in the home. Only one bathroom? Consider asking a friend or family member if they are okay with you showering at their residence. This even refers to working from home. How will this affect your work day, internet, meetings, etc. Plan ahead for those accommodations with your supervisor. Propose other options like working in the office, at the local library, cafe, or family/friend’s home. 

How does following these steps benefit you?

Utilizing these four steps to prepare for your next home renovation will be essential to sticking to your timeline. Additionally, it will alleviate unknown stressors, provide efficient communication with your team, and result in a quick and seamless project. 

Oh, and final tip… EMBRACE THE MESS! No matter what you do to plan and prepare, your home will be under construction and that naturally brings some messes that you cannot avoid. Happy planning!

If you are ready to get to work on that next home renovation project, contact us today!

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