Home Remodeling Trends And Ideas For Making Your Home Office Work For You This Year

Have you been struggling with sharing your office space with the rest of your family? Are you using the kitchen table, dining table, or even tv tray on the couch? Or is your office space also used for storage, kids play room, or where the kids will complete their homework? It is 2023 and you have been working from home way too long to not have a space that works for you! So what changes can you make with a home office remodel?


If you are like most people, your desk is probably packed full with papers, pens, binders, and your kids drawing that was placed there back in 2020. You may have some filing cabinets and a closet with storage bins, or a bookshelf or two. But, is this as effective as you want it to be? Does the aesthetic of the room inspire you, or do you dread having to lock yourself away in there for 8 hours a day? 

Some storage tips can include:

  1. Use an ottoman for kids toys
  2. Instal custom shelving
  3. Add a closet or expand the room (if possible) to incorporate additional space for storage.
  4. Utilize your storage as decor
  5. Build up versus out. Floor to ceiling shelves or cabinets can provide the storage you need without having to reduce the square footage. 


Similarly to storage, you may just need a bigger space. Instead of moving to a new house for just an office, you may be able to redesign some rooms in your current home to accommodate your office space. This is when talking to a designer will be extremely helpful to bring your vision to life.

Things you can change or add with a small home or office remodel:

  1. Lighting. Maybe you are stuck in the back corner of a room. Talk with your designer about inserting a large window to open up the space and get natural lighting.
  2. Discuss with your designer about building a small shed on your property to truly get your own space and being able to detach work from home life.
  3. Instal custom cabinetry for storage and technology.
  4. Consider another room in the house you may want renovated into something new. Maybe you want a new master bedroom which would require an addition to the home. You can then move your office into your old bedroom where you will have more space and most likely your own personal, office bathroom!
  5. Finish your basement. Oftentimes basements remain as a place for storage. Take the time to sort through your stored items and see what can be tossed, donated, or condensed. Then, talk with your designer about finishing a small portion of the basement to become your office space.

If you are ready to move forward with a home office remodel, please give us a call or request an appointment!